FHI 360 Job Vacancies- 32 Positions

FHI 360 is recruiting to fill the following positions below:

 Title:  Senior Accountant Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Driver Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Administrative Assistant Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Technical Officer, Geographical Information System (GIS) Database Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Deputy Director, Finance Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Director, Special Projects Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Director, Medical and Community Services Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Deputy Chief of Party Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Director, Finance Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Chief of Party Location: Nigeria-Abuja  
 Title:  Driver Location: Nigeria-Cross River  
 Title:  Gender and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Coordinator Location: Nigeria-Cross River  
 Title:  Finance & Administrative Assistant Location: Nigeria-Cross River  
 Title:  Driver Location: Nigeria-Ikeja, Lagos  
 Title:  Assistant Technical Officer Location: Nigeria-Ikeja, Lagos  
 Title:  Project Coordinator Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Field Office Coordinator Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Finance, Administration and Logistics Officer Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Assistant Technical Officer-Monitoring & Evaluation/Communication Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Finance, Administrative and Warehouse Assistant Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Assistant Technical Officer-Primary Health Care Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Northern Nigeria Monitoring & Evaluation Reporting Coordinator Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Northern Nigeria Crisis Response-Response Coordinator Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Northern Nigeria Crisis Response Protection Coordinator Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Northern Nigeria Crisis Response Primary Health Care Coordinator Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  Northern Nigeria Crisis Response Operations Coordinator Location: Nigeria-Maiduguri  
 Title:  State Program Manager Location: Nigeria-Nasarawa, Kano  
 Title:  Technical Assistant TB/HIV Location: Nigeria-Port Harcourt  
 Title:  Technical Assistant, Clinical Services Location: Nigeria-Port Harcourt  
 Title:  Driver Location: Nigeria-Port Harcourt  
 Title:  Driver Location:  Nigeria-Uyo


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