Nigerian Navy DSSC Course 24 Enlistment 2016 – For Graduates

Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified Nigerians for enlistment into the Nigerian Navy through the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) Course 24 which commences on 26 October 2016 and closes on 23 November 2016.

1.     SEAMAN
 Applicants must possess BSc/HND in Nautical Sciences. Membership of relevant professional body will be an added advantage.
Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree or HND in Economics, Accounting and Business Administration or HND in Business and Accounts. Membership of a professional body like ICAN, ANAN, ACMA, ACCA, ACA will be an added advantage.
Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s Degree from a registered institution of theology from either of the following:
a.           Catholic Mission.
b.           Protestant Mission.
Applicants must have completed 2 years apprenticeship in Apostolic Ministry and be recommended from the pastoral missions. In addition to qualifications required, applicants must be of male gender and duly ordained clergy of their respective Christian faith.
4.     EDUCATION    
 Applicants must possess B.Ed in relevant fields.  Holders of first degree with PGD in the following fields are also eligible:
 a.     Mathematics.
b.      English Language.
c.      Statistics.
d.     Physics.
e.     Chemistry.
f.      Geography.
g.     Economics.
h.     French.
j.      Computer Science.
k.     History.
Applicants must possess a BSc or HND or equivalent qualifications in the following fields: 
a.     Naval Architecture/Ship Design.
b.     Mechanical/Marine Engineering.
c.      Electrical/Electronic Engineering.
d.     Aeronautical Engineering.
Membership of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria (COREN) will be an added advantage.
Applicants must possess a BSc, BA, HND or equivalent qualification in Personnel Management, Public Administration or Human Resource Management. Membership of NIM and other relevant bodies is an added advantage.
Applicants must possess a BSc or HND in the following fields: 
a.     Cartography.
b.     Surveying/Geoinfomatics.
c.      Geophysics.
d.     Physical Oceanography.
Membership of NIS is an added advantage. Applicants with BSc degree in Physics and Mathematics must possess a Post Graduate Diploma in Land Survey to be eligible.       
8.     IMAM
Applicants must possess BA Degree in Islamic Studies with special reference to Islamic Jurisprudence and Theology. Diploma in Counselling Psychology will be an added advantage. Applicants with Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Studies must have 5 years experience. Applicants must be able to read and write in English Language.
Applicants must possess a BSc or HND in the following fields. 
a.           Mass Communication.
b.           Journalism.
c.           Public Relations.
d.           Printing Technology.
e.           Cinematography.
f.            Television Production.
g.           Computer Technology (Desktop Publishing). 
Membership of NIPR will be an added advantage.
Applicants must possess BSc/B.Tech/B.Eng in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Priority will be given to candidates with relevant qualification in:
 a.     Website development and management.
b.     Networking and network administration.
c.      Programming multimedia and software development.
d.     Server and database administration.
e.     Information and cyber security.
 Certification in relevant fields will be an added advantage.

11.    MEDICAL
Applicants in the medical field must possess the following qualifications:

a.     Doctor/Dental Surgeons:  MBBS, MBchB or equivalent. Must be fully registered by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and must possess a current practicing license.
b.     Pharmacist: B.Pharm degree and be fully registered with the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria and have a current practicing license.
c.      Radiographer: Minimum of BSc/HND in Radiography.
d.     Nursing:  B.NSc or equivalent with post basic qualification in a nursing field. Sub specialisations such as ICU, A&E, Theatre, Anaesthesia will be an added advantage. 
e.     Dietician:   B.Sc or HND Dietician/Nutrition. Must be registered with Dietetics Council of Nigeria.
f.      Medical Lab Scientist:   Must possess either a BMLS or AIMLS and its equivalent and be fully registered with the Medical Laboratory Scientist Council of Nigeria as well as possess a current practicing license.
g.     Physiotherapist:   Must possess either B. Physiotherapy or BMR (Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation). Must be registered with the Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria (MRTB) and possess a current practicing license.
h.     Medical Records/Health Information Management: Minimum of BSc/ HND required.
i.      Public Health Officer:   Minimum of BSc/HND in either Environmental Health or Community Health Information and Education. Must be fully registered with the Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORCON) and possess a current practicing license.
j.      Optometrist:   Bachelor’s degree in Optometry or B.Optometrist.  Must be a fully registered optometrist, dispensing optician by the Optical Council of Nigeria and have a current practicing license.
k.     Hospital Administration:   Minimum of BSc/HND Hospital Administration required.
l.      Biomedical Engineer:    Minimum of BSc/HND in Biomedical Engineering required.
m.    Clinical Psychologist:   Minimum of BSc/HND in Clinical Psychology and Applied Psychology required.
12.    MUSIC
 Applicants must possess BA/HND in Music. Proficiency in any musical instrument will be an added advantage.
13.    SPORTS/PT
 Applicants must possess BA/HND in Physical & Health Education or equivalent. Proficiency in any physical sport will be an added advantage.
BSc/HND/B Eng in the following fields:
a.     Transport Management.
b.     Economics, Business Management or in Purchasing and Supply (PS).
c.      Architecture.
d.     Catering.
e.     Civil Engineering.
f.      Quantity Survey.
g.     Structural Engineering.
h.     Final Certificate of Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology.

Applicant must possess LLB and BL (A minimum of 2 years post qualification experience is required).

1.     Applicants are warned against giving false information or tendering fake certificates. Any false information or fake certificates discovered at any stage will lead to disqualification and subsequent prosecution of the applicant.
2.     Applicants must possess a minimum of Second Class Upper Division for holders of First degree and Upper Credit for HND holders. Computer literacy will be an added advantage.
3.     Applicants must possess certificates of full registration with their respective statutory professional bodies in Nigeria.
4.     All applicants must be single.
5.     Applicants must possess NYSC discharge certificate or letter of exemption from NYSC.
6.     Male applicants must not be less than 1.70 meters tall while female applicants must not be less than 1.67 meters tall.
7.     Applicants should be between 22 and 28 years of age by 31st December 2016 except Chaplains and Imams who should not be more than 30 years. Those over 28 and 30 years, as applicable, need not apply.
8.     Applicants will be shortlisted for a qualifying aptitude test.  The date, time and result of the aptitude test will be placed on this website.
9.     Applicants are to choose any of the following centres for the qualifying aptitude test:
a.     Abuja – Command Day Secondary School, Mogadishu Barracks.
b.     Bauchi – Command Day Secondary School, Shadawanka Barracks.
c.      Owerrinta – Nigerian Navy Finance and Logistics School, Owerrinta.
d.     Lagos – Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo.
e.     Port-Harcourt – Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Borokiri.
f.      Sokoto – Army Day Secondary School, Giginya Barracks.
10.    Applicants are to bring the following to the Aptitude Test Centres:
a.     Parents/Guardian Consent Form.
b.     Local Government Attestation Card.
c.      Acknowledgment Form.
d.     Photocopies of Certificates including NYSC Discharge Certificate.
11.    Please note that any attempt to inundate the Naval Headquarters with letters from any quarters by any applicant will be viewed as a ploy to undermine the enlistment process and will lead to disqualification of such applicants.  In addition, applicants are to note that the entire enlistment process is free and they should refrain from giving money to any individual under any guise.

12.    On completion of the application form, applicants are advised to click SUBMIT on the portal and generate the applicant’s transaction ID. Applicants are advised to print out a copy of the Application Summary.  For technical support call 08062090473 and 08033063694 between 0800 and 1700 only.

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