N-power Teacher Corps Programme by The Federal Government: Its Reality

The Federal Government of Nigeria has designed the N-Power Programme to drastically reduce youth unemployment. The focus is to provide our young graduates and non-graduates with the skills, tools and livelihood to enable them advance from unemployment to employment, entrepreneurship and innovation.
The first phase of N-Power will target Nigeria’s critical needs in education, agriculture, technology, creative, construction and artisanal industries. N-Power is also preparing Nigeria for a global outsourcing push where our young Nigerians can export their services to work on global projects that earn Nigeria, foreign exchange.

The Reality about the N-Power Teacher Corps Programme

– The programme is a product of N-Power, an initiative of the Federal Government, including various MDAs, agencies and ministries, which is aimed at curbing unemployment in the country by developing programmes to engage youths in entrepreneurship, skill development, handiwork and teaching, among others.

– Applications are to start Sunday, June 12th, 2016 while the programme itself shall commence August 2016

– The Teacher Corps is for HND and B.sc/B.A/B.Ed graduates

– The Teacher Corps programme shall engage 500,000 unemployed graduates and deploy them to schools to teach

– The programme is similar to the known National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) programme and recruits must have completed the NYSC programme

– The Teacher Corps is a VOLUNTARY service to the nation. IT IS NOT AN OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT but only an avenue to develop a skillset and relevant experience as the youth applies for and gets better offers. The pay is ONLY AN INCENTIVE to encourage the corps members.

– The Teacher Corps recruitment is not AUTOMATIC! Prospective corps members shall fill an application, PASS AN APTITUDE TEST and other RELEVANT TESTS and show dedication to developing useful skillsets in the programme. The applicant must also show willingness to get a job in the course of the programme.

– The Teacher Corps programme is meant for ONLY those within the age brackets of 18-35 years. No more, no less!

– Teachers will be posted in accordance with the laid down procedures of the group.

– Technicalities such as reports/clearance will be in place to avoid “ghost-workers”!

– The Teacher Corps recruits will work for ONLY TWO YEARS and whether or not they have a job, they have to leave so that others can participate.

– Recruits must demonstrate reading, writing and teaching skills

– Recruits have the burden on them to prove that they are currently unemployed whichever way they want

– It is important to note that prospective corps members will be competing with millions of other Nigerians for this programme and so, they have to get their acts right if they want it

– You MUST be COMPUTER LITERATE and ICT SAVVY before you can apply because reports are digitized in this programme

– At the end of the programme, corps members will be presented with the National Skills Certificate

– Monthly pay is pegged at N23000 which is commendable for a VOLUNTARY SERVICE TO THE NATION. While the pay may seem small given the cost of things in the country today, it should be noted that NO ONE is FORCED to JOIN!!! If you want to participate, it is because you are truly unemployed and want to develop the relevant skills that will better your chances of employment.

– Apart from teaching, N-Power is also into other health, agricultural, technological, ICT, animation, post-production, hardware/software development & repair and other voluntary programmes.

For more information, visit The N-power Teacher Corps Programme Website

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