Olive Brook Juniors School Job Vacancies- 2 Positions

Olive Brook Juniors School seeks to recruit qualified candidates to fill the vacant positions below:

  1. Head Teacher
  2. KS1/KS2/Early years Teachers

Head Teacher Job vacancy at Olive Brook Juniors School

Job Title: Head Teacher


  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Education or a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a PGDE,
  • At least 3 years experience in a British Curriculum setting,
  • At least 3 years of managerial experience in a similar role, including marketing experience,
  • Previous travel/exposure to UK, US or Europe.

How to Apply

Submission Requirements: Please send an email to applytoobjschool@gmail.com with one attachment containing the following:

  1. CV with Cover letter and passport photo attached in a single MS word or PDF Document, (Only one document attached per applicant i.e. cover letters and word document should not be sent as separate files. Cover letter should list key experiences that makes you a suitable candidate for the role),
  2. Email subject title should be in this format: Name_positionapplied_age e.g JohnSmith_KS1Teacher_27.
  3. The CV with Cover document should be saved and uploaded in the format: Name_positionapplied_age e.g JohnSmith_KS1Teacher_27.

Please note: Only applicants meeting all the submission requirements and all the job role requirements wilol be reviewed. Please also note that mental and physical health history will need to be disclosed during the interview phase.

Successful candidates will receive notifications by SMS or Email for Interview invitations.

***NOTE***: Click NEXT to go to the next vacant position.

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